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Assisted Living With Senior TV Florida

Assisted Living

Axis Satellite understands your residents’ active lifestyles. We not only provide the highest quality Senior TV Florida programming, but we also integrate entertainment with on-site gyms and home theaters. We provide the groove to your residents’ step with quality sound systems and a variety of music options. Your residents will always feel at home with premium programming at their fingertips. Call today to see how Axis can transform your property.

Wholesale TV

Aligning the needs of your community with the right technology is paramount in providing the best viewing experiences. Sales of residential and commercial grade TVs for a variety of environments is one of Axis Satellites specialties. We can provide the right TVs for any situation, be it your lobby area or fitness center. Making heads or tails of today’s TV technology can be hard. Allow Axis Satellite to assess your property and recommend the right technology for you. Call today to receive estimated pricing on TVs for your property.

TV Mounting

Highlight your TVs with professional mounting services from Axis Satellite. Here at Axis we stock a variety of mounting options for every facet of your property. Professionally mounting a TV gives a variety of benefits, from accident prevention to providing a superior viewing experience. Our trained technicians have mounted and installed thousands of TVs ensuring the job is done right the first time. Call now to experience the difference a professionally hung TV can provide.

Commercial audio

Commercial audio is a great addition to any assisted living property. Add speakers and subwoofers in your fitness rooms, lobby, and other community areas. Outdoor audio is a plus for the property’s grounds and walkways. Your residents will appreciate the difference when Axis Satellite professionally installs quality indoor and outdoor audio options.

Pre-Construction Services

Axis Satellite’s SBCA certified installation team has a long history of working with Construction Contractors, Home automation integrators, and industry professionals. Let our team work with you to design and implement the right technology to meet your needs. Customizing the right audio, video, internet and phone systems takes teamwork and preparation. Axis will review blueprints and consult with your team through the construction process. Axis’s combined 30 plus years of experience with local and national contractors will ensure the project is done right from concept to completion, with continued service after the job is done.

Broadband & Internet Solutions

Axis can deliver up to 1-gigabyte speeds to your location, providing your residents and their guests the speeds they require. Axis has speed and reliability that can be implemented to our commercial, lodging, and multi-tenant unit customers. Wireless services include internet access to units and common areas using the latest technologies and access points. Axis can design, implement, and support a premium enterprise solution for your residents and their guests, allowing users constant speeds for their devices.


When looking for a voice solution for multi-tenant dwellings, Axis can design and deliver. An enterprise-grade voice solution will allow your residents to stay connected with their family and friends. From design to delivery and support, Axis can help you leverage advanced capabilities and applications for your institution, giving you a competitive edge.
Benefits and features of our enterprise PBX phone systems include:

  • Customized for your property (scalable)
  • Integration with mobile apps
  • Wireless in-room solutions
  • Fixed or wireless telephone options
  • Better prices and service than national telecom competitors