TV Mounting Florida

Can any flat screen TV be mounted to a Wall?

At Axis Satellite we believe that no TV installation is complete without the proper mount. Properly mounting your TV gives you a secure platform to enjoy your favorite entertainment and the best way to view the screen of your choosing. With a variety of mounting options in stock, we are able to place your TV in the best position for your viewing enjoyment.

Fixed TV Mounting 

This is your standard mounting style you’ll see in virtually every home. This puts the TV directly against the wall flat, making it flush to the surface. This option gives you the ability to hide wires from view to offer a clean look as your TV seems to float in space. When put all together with a great entertainment center furnishing option and the optimal height, this low cost option makes for the perfect at home TV experience. 

Tilt TV Mounting

This is similar to a fixed mount except for the obvious difference: the TV has the ability to tilt up or down. This is often used when your TV’s only mountain option is above eye level and fixed mounting wouldn’t be ideal. By tilting it, you maintain the optimal viewing angle of the screen and avoid glares or distortions by bringing the screen artificially down to your eye level even when it’s not. 

Articulating TV Mounting

This is like a next level tilt and doesn’t need to be necessitated by a certain height. This is a fully adjustable form of mount that offers complete maneuverability. This form of mount features multiple pivot points. It can conform to a seemingly endless number of angles in a room. This style of mount is ideal for a place where there is not one central viewing area (such as a gym or workspace). If you want to be able to access a view to the TV from any location, this is the form of mount for you. 

Custom TV Mounting

Sometimes, the typical options just won’t cut it. At Axis Satellite, we love to get unique requests and tackle complicated mountain challenges. We’ve seen fixed mounts, ceiling mounts, quad mounts, and everything in between. A custom mount is the ideal way to place flat screens in your business or commercial space such as a bar or gym. And we love to come up with unique ways we can help you place your flat screens. Get that professional, quality look and performance from your flat screens and impress your customers. 

We are your AV company. We specialize in low-voltage contract jobs and audio/video set up. We are integration experts certified in all sorts of systems and would be honored to build a lasting relationship with you as we help your home theater, living room TV set up, or commercial business thrive. Give us a call today.