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Axis Satellite is the perfect partner for any college or university. We perform a number of services which give your school a one-call solution for all audio and video (A/V) needs. We specialize in providing TV programming and A/V integration services, and offer a range of programming options from DIRECTV for your student housing. With multiple integration methods, we are sure to find a solution to deliver the best in news, sports, and entertainment to your buildings. Axis Satellite also offers a variety of services to handle A/V needs for your athletic facility, common areas, and more.

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Axis offers three great DIRECTV solutions for your property.

Popular Distribution Methods:


directv residential experience
Give your students and their guests a home-away-from-home with The DIRECTV Residential Experience.

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Provide quality entertainment without the need for in-room

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COM2000 headend video distribution
This compact, energy-efficient video-distribution center is a great option for many properties.

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Wholesale TV

Students today are used to receiving information on a variety of display options. Why not communicate with your students on a medium they know and enjoy? At Axis Satellite we offer schools bulk TV pricing. We stock a wide range of TV sizes, styles, and brands in our Florida-based warehouse. We understand the importance of getting the right TV for the right environment. We align our clients with the technology that best fits their budget and needs. At Axis Satellite, you won’t find inflated prices on TVs with features you will never use. Instead, you will find fair-priced television sets that provide the right technology for your school.

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Many different types of screens. TVs, computer monitors, smartphones and tablets. They laid on each other in a pile isolated on a white background. They are all turned off with a black screen.

dorm student housing tv mounting

TV Mounting

Professionally mounting TVs is a great way to ensure the best viewing angles for your students. Communicating messages to busy students can be difficult; TVs are a great way to deliver information to today’s tech-savvy students. Mounting a TV at the right height can play a significant role in proper viewing angles. With low profile fixed mount options, TV placement will be eye-catching without becoming a hindrance to foot traffic. Find out more about our mounting options by clicking below.

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Commercial Audio

Commercial audio is a great way to enhance your student’s day-to-day experience with your school. Many schools are turning to commercial audio to develop an ideal atmosphere for students to thrive. We offer a variety of commercial audio solutions to fit your classrooms, student housing, and common areas. Professional-grade audio can create a relaxing environment in student common areas, promoting student interaction and campus unity. Integrated audio in classrooms means your students can practice real-world presentations with the technology they can expect in today’s business environment.

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dorm student housing commercial audio system

Pre-Construction Services

school construction consultation

Axis Satellite’s SBCA-certified installation team has a long history of working with Construction Contractors, Home automation integrators, and industry professionals. Let our team work with you to design and implement the right technology to meet your needs. Customizing the right audio, video, internet and phone systems takes teamwork and preparation. Axis will review blueprints and consult with your team through the construction process. Axis’s combined 30 plus years of experience with local and national contractors will ensure the project is done right from concept to completion, with continued service after the job is done.

Broadband & Internet Solutions

Axis can deliver up to 1-gigabyte speeds to your location, providing your students and guests the speeds they require. Axis has speed and reliability that can be implemented to our commercial, lodging and multi-tenant unit customers. Wireless services include internet access to units and common areas using the latest technologies and access points. Axis can design, implement and support a premium enterprise solution for your guest and residents, allowing users constant speeds for their devices.

college internet student housing internet


university phone system PBX

When looking for a voice solution for multi-tenant dwellings, Axis can design and deliver. An enterprise-grade voice solution will allow your students to stay connected with their friends and family. From design to delivery and support, Axis can help you leverage advanced capabilities and applications for your institution, giving you a competitive edge.
Benefits and features of our enterprise PBX phone systems :

  • Customized for your property (scalable)
  • Integration with mobile apps
  • Wireless in-room solutions
  • Fixed or wireless telephone options
  • Better prices and service than national telecom competitors