We are proud to offer DIRECTV service to the hotel and community industry. We offer three distinct distribution methods for your property to receive DIRECTV programming.

Popular Distribution Methods:


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Com 2000

This compact energy efficient video distribution center is a great option for many properties. As an easily upgradable system this distribution method fits your needs now and in the future.

  • Energy efficient
  • Remote monitoring and management
  • Scalable channel lineup
  • Up to 96 channels in 93% less space than a traditional headend
  • Simple-user-friendly onscreen guide
  • No in-room equipment needed
  • Pro:Idium programming encryption
  • Standard definition or high definition options

COM2000 Headend

The COM2000 offers up to 48 channels of SD or HD video in only three units of rack space. This compact design allows a small area to be the distribution hub for your property. The COM2000 offers dramatic power savings, when compared with a traditional head-end solution. The COM2000 has the ability to be remotely managed either over the internet or on a local network. This web-browser based management interface makes diagnosing issues a simple process. Your system down time will be greatly reduced with the added benefit of remote maintenance.

The COM2000 is the only head-end based video solution to offer an on-screen channel guide. This free add-on can be customized to display channel names, custom channel numbers, and your unique logo. Say goodbye to paper channel lineups and say hello to an interactive channel guide. The full customization of the COM2000 makes it one of the most versatile solutions on the market. The ability to choose SD or HD gives users the option to upgrade signal quality with relative ease. In addition to upgrading signal quality, the COM2000 has an easily expandable channel lineup.

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