We are proud to offer DIRECTV service to the hotel and community industry. We offer three distinct distribution methods for your property to receive DIRECTV programming.

Popular Distribution Methods:


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One of the most popular methods is the DIRECTV Residential Experience explained below. We also offer Headend and Com2000 distribution solutions. To schedule your FREE site survey simply fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

DIRECTV Residential Experience

Give your guests a home away from home with the DIRECTV Residential Experience. Guests will enjoy the same entertainment they are accustomed to at home.

  • Full residential channel lineup with 100+ HD channels
  • Guest DVR possibility- Record live T.V in every room
  • Free Guest Welcome Screen integrating hotel info, in-room messaging, and local attractions
  • HBO & Showtime On-Demand possible
  • Simplified, Anti-microbial Remote
  • Remote monitoring and management
  • Interactive HD programming guide.
  • Property Management System integration possible with most systems

Pictured Right: A D2 Advantage SWM overlay system allows us to distribute DirecTV signal from just one dish to all the units on your property.


DIRECTV residential experience or DRE for short provides your customers the best DIRECTV has to offer. With its fully functioning interactive guide paper channel lineups will be a thing of the past. Your guests will be able to easily navigate between their favorite programming. By integrating DRE into your property, your guests will feel as if they never left home. With small set-top boxes in each room your guests will have access to the entire programming lineup freeing them to watch whatever they want. With the best in HD programming and exclusive sports like the NFL Sunday Ticket, DIRECTV’s Residential Experience will help separate you from your competition.

DRE Plus
DRE Plus takes in-room entertainment to a whole new level. The first thing your guests will notice upon arrival is the beautiful interactive home screen designed for your property. This home screen can update guests on your properties next events, the weather, restaurant info, and much more. This extra touch point in the room helps convey information that might otherwise be missed. In order to accomplish this look, an independent server is added to your property. This server not only controls the customization of the home screen but allows for external diagnostic work to be done. Our ability to manage your property from an outside location helps save servicing fees as we can pinpoint the problem within your system quicker. By integrating your system with the internet, your guests will enjoy the ability to record their favorite shows while at your location. Not only will your guest never miss a new show, but they can catch up on old ones by accessing the massive on-demand library. Couple this with your guest’s favorite premium channels like HBO and Showtime for the ultimate in-room entertainment experience.

The DIRECTV Residential Experience Plus can be integrated with your check-in system. Upon your guests check-out, the DRE Plus system will eliminate any recorded shows and revert the room to the welcome screen. This automated system means each guest receives the same level of great service without the headaches of physically resetting each room. The DRE Plus system offers everything today’s consumer demands from in-room entertainment. Call today for your FREE site survey and learn how we can take your property to a whole new level.

Three examples of home screen configurations possible with DRE:




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