We are proud to offer DIRECTV service to the hotel and community industry. We offer three distinct distribution methods for your property to receive DIRECTV programming.

Popular Distribution Methods:


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Provide quality entertainment without the need for in-room equipment. Your guests will enjoy the best in HD entertainment, while you can enjoy a reliable, scalable free-to-guest solution.

  • Local content insertion available
  • Commercial grade equipment
  • Customizable A-La-Carte channel lineup
  • Utilize existing Coax Wiring
  • Scalable programming integration allows for future upgrades
  • Optional Remote monitoring

SD headend rack

A headend system refers to a centralized distribution method for delivering audio and video services. A headend is a metal rack or cabinet containing all of the necessary equipment to manage this distribution. These custom built racks are assembled and tested in our warehouse prior to deployment. This distribution method is a great way to deliver your DIRECTV to a variety of visual platforms. A custom headend rack can often utilize your property’s existing wiring, making this an economical option.

A headend system can be formatted for both standard and high definition. Due to its scalable nature, a headend system can provide an audio/video distribution network for properties large and small. Input flexibility allows options to add house channels or additional content. A headend system can support up to 48 channels giving your business a wide range of channel customization. With a headend system, you design an a-la-carte channel lineup from your programming options giving your business the news, sports, and entertainment you prefer.

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