Hotels & Communities

Get TV programming options for your hotel or community with Axis Satellite. We are a full-service, audio and video (A/V) company offering services our competition can’t.

Hotels & Motels

Axis Satellite offers hotels and motels services other companies can’t. Not only do we provide the best in TV programming from DIRECTV, we also provide our clients a one-call, audio and video solution.

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Colleges & Universities

Axis Satellite is the perfect partner for any college or university. Axis performs a number of services, giving your school a one-call solution for your A/V needs.

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Draw customers to your location with premium programming and professionally installed audio and video (A/V) products. Your guests have a choice in where they stay.

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Axis Satellite understands your residents’ active lifestyles. We integrate entertainment with on-site gyms and home theaters while providing the highest quality TV programming.

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Give your patients a touch of home with the best in audio and video (A/V) services from Axis Satellite. We provide access to the best in news, sports, and entertainment from DIRECTV.

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