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RV Parks

Draw customers to your location with premium programming and professionally-installed audio and video (A/V) products and DirecTV for RV parks. Your guests have a choice in deciding what RV park they stay at. Delivering premium amenities ensures happy customers are eager to return. At Axis Satellite, we provide TV programming options as well as a wide variety of A/V services. We have been serving businesses just like yours all around Florida since 2003. We look forward to the opportunity of becoming your park’s one-call A/V solution.

Wholesale TV

Having the right TV for the right location can make all the difference. Allow us to assess your property and recommend a TV to fit your needs.

TV Mounting

A professionally mounted TV takes your property to the next level. Mounted TVs ensure security while providing the best viewing angles for the room. To see our lineup of TV mounts click view more.

Commercial Audio

Your big park needs big sound. Allow your road weary guests to enjoy a variety of music and TV options throughout your park.

Pre-Construction Services

Axis Satellite’s SBCA-certified installation team has a long history of working with Construction Contractors, Home automation integrators, and industry professionals. Let our team work with you to design and implement the right technology to meet your needs.

Broadband & Internet Solutions

Axis can deliver up to 1-gigabyte speeds to your location, providing your residents and guests the speeds they require.


When looking for a phone solution for the hospitality market and multi-tenant dwellings, Axis can design and deliver. An enterprise-grade voice solution will allow your guests to stay connected with their friends and family.