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The Ultimate Smart Home

Imagine your smart home customized to enhance your life. URC’s Total Control® system delivers next generation, home automation solutions and exceptional performance for a truly personalized experience. Imagine your home with superior technology solutions that control light, entertainment, comfort and security.

Total Control delivers boldly designed, intuitive touchscreens, handheld remotes, controllers and mobile apps to transform your home. In addition to indoor spaces, URC’s Total Control can create uniquely entertaining and comfortable spaces in outdoor environments like patios, decks, guest houses, and outdoor home theaters. Imagine Beyond Everyday… with unique features and experiences only available through Total Control.

Imagine the Possibilities

URC’s Total Control system combines industry-leading technology with bold design and single touch or voice activation. Seamlessly command your experiences from a single control device. Wake comfortably. Enjoy actively. Dine luxuriously. Entertain memorably.

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Unsurpassed Experiences

Premium interfaces use simple network connectivity to deliver one-touch or voice control of your Total Control system. Consistent graphic menus across all control devices are intuitive and easy to use.

Bold, wireless touchscreen controller. Integrated charging base, video intercom and live camera view. Available in 7” and 10” screen sizes.

Sleek wall-mounted design. Discreet control with video intercom and live camera view. Available in 5”, 7” and 10” screen sizes.

Legendary URC ergonomics. Premium performance and reliability plus live camera view.

Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple Siri via Apple TV integration for convenient, hands-free control.

Premium, Personalized Solution

Your Total Control system will be professionally designed, programmed and installed by certified installers. This will assure exceptional performance and effortless control. Guaranteeing unsurpassed performance and effortless control. For added personalization, your programmer can design onscreen menus with customized images of your rooms, family members, sports teams, pets and interests.

Select an icon to control a connected device, activity or fully-automated scene.

Quickly access any room in your home to control lights, adjust volume and more.

Easily control devices, activities and scenes. Turn on or off any room.

Enjoy personalized control from your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, even away from your home.

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One-Touch Control and Automation

Total Control helps you imagine a smart home with more comfort, security and enjoyment. The home and life of your dreams and the envy of family and friends. Your programmer can even use advanced features to elevate your control experience.

Good Morning: Wake up to the ideal temperature, soft lighting, morning news or music and the aroma of coffee brewing in the kitchen.
Home Office: Raise the lighting, adjust the shade, set the temperature, increase volume of your conference call, and receive an alert when a delivery arrives.
Good Night: Turn off the whole house at the end of the day. View live security camera video on your touchscreens, remotes and apps.
Geofencing: Trigger the Welcome Home scene via geofencing when you’re almost home.
Notifications: Receive a push notification on your smartphone when someone steps onto your porch or opens your front door.
Scenes: Activate your Good Night scene by placing your Android smartphone on an NFC tag discreetly located on the nightstand.

Legendary Entertainment Control

Your Total Control professionals will help you imagine and create a unique home entertainment system for family viewing events or entertaining with unsurpassed style and luxury.

Since Total Control is an integrated whole-house system, you can start a movie, adjust the temperature, lower the shades and dim the lights with a single button or voice command – from anywhere.

  • Build a dedicated home theater or elevate your family room entertainment.
  • Install distributed video for an immersive, whole-home audiovisual experience.
  • Replace all of your remotes and control apps with a single URC tabletop controller.
  • Experience robust two-way control of your AV systems.
  • Use Favorite Channels Menu for fast access to your favorite content.
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Whole-Home, High-Definition Audio

URC’s High-Definition Audio (HDA) is a high fidelity audio solution offering uncompromising quality and studio sound to your home. Combining HDA smart amplifiers, speakers and Total Control software creates a concert experience in your
home. Stream music from your home theater system, favorite music service or personal music library. Select sources, navigate playlists and view cover art on your touchscreens, remotes and apps. URC integrates with all AV brands including popular music services such as Tidal, Pandora, iHeart Radio, Napster, SiriusXM, Deezer, Amazon Music and Spotify.

Best-in-Class Integration Partnerships

Total Control integrates with thousands of entertainment and smart home products, including two-way control of many devices. Over the past 30 years, URC has built the largest library of control codes in the industry. Strong relationships with top consumer electronics, subscription broadcast, network and software companies assure the ongoing evolution of the Total Control ecosystem.

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Professional Design and Installation

Your Total Control system will be custom designed, programmed and installed by a trained, authorized URC dealer in your area. Your system’s integration professional will understand your lifestyle and how a smart home or commercial environment can deliver greater enjoyment and memorable experiences. Your URC dealer will provide a demonstration and detailed proposal. Whether you are building new, remodeling or simply updating your existing home or business, Total Control is certain to inspire you with a reliable system that scales and delivers unsurpassed, memorable experiences.


About URC

Headquartered in Harrison NY, URC is a global leader in automation and control systems for residential and commercial applications. URC technology is respected worldwide for unsurpassed performance and reliability with over 100 million remote controls sold in the past ten years alone. Established in 1991, URC entered the control market with handheld remotes for subscription broadcast providers and consumer electronics companies.

In 1994, URC launched the legendary MX-series remote control line which is still on the market today. The line revolutionized the way that people controlled their home theaters, AV systems and subscription broadcast technology. Total Control, introduced in 2011, builds on this rich legacy to deliver whole-house automation and control for the premium segment. Total Control systems are custom designed and installed by select URC systems integrators. Introduced in 2017, the highly-acclaimed Total Control 2.0 system features new user interfaces, amazing graphic customization, upgraded programming and more.

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