Smart Home Automation

What is Smart Home Automation?

Smart home automation involves equipping your living space with tech-based features that add comfort and convenience. When some people hear the term “smart home,” they think of sci-fi worlds where robots handle all the chores and daily tasks. Although that’s not exactly too far off, home automation is more accessible and more commonplace than you may think. Here’s what you need to know about smart home automation.

Home Automation Can Increase Your Security

Some people turn to home automation features for their safety benefits. For example, smart locks allow you to gain entry to your home without a key. Instead, these state-of-the-art locks might use a finger print scanner, keypad, or mobile app to ensure you and your family members are the only ones who can enter the front door.

Smart cameras capture high-quality recordings of activity outside of your home. Some of these devices even function as a peep-hole, allowing you to talk and view the person outside of the door. When you’re traveling, you might use a smart camera to keep an eye on your home’s exterior or interior from a mobile app.

Home Automation Can Boost Your Comfort

Some smart home gadgets enhance the comfort of your home and help you easily achieve an ideal ambiance. For example, smart thermostats are a popular addition to homes. These devices give you more precise control over your home’s heating and air conditioning systems. Not only does this make your space more comfortable, but it can also save you money. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, some of the largest energy expenses in your home likely come from heating and cooling your rooms. So gaining more control over your thermostat can impact your energy bills.

Options like smart shades and lighting give you even more flexibility when it comes to setting a mood and reducing energy costs. These can also serve as an intruder deterrent, since you can create the illusion that someone is home, even while you’re on vacation or at work.

Home Automation Can Enhance Your Entertainment Options

When guests come to visit, you can rely on smart devices to make entertaining easier. Smart speakers may be voice controlled or you can change your tunes with a connected app. Smart TVs allow you to connect to the internet to further increase your viewing options. 

Home Automation Allows for More Streamlined Control

In some cases, you can connect all of your smart devices to a central control. This might take the form of a wall-mounted panel that gives you access to everything from your thermostat and security cameras to your lights and television. Many devices also work via mobile apps, so a phone or tablet can act as your remote control.

You Can Find Personalized Home Automation Options in Florida  

Not every home owner will want the same automated setup, especially when budget limitations are a factor. Fortunately, it’s easy to achieve personalized home automation in Florida when you’re working with the right team of professionals. Reach out to Axis today to get started with a free consultation.