TV Mounting Florida

Where should you mount your TV in your house?

Like many other households, your TV is probably a focal point. Many homeowners arrange furniture and decor in their living space around the television. You might even have a TV in multiple rooms like the living room, kitchen, or bedroom. Since this common entertainment item is so important, it’s imperative to mount it in an ideal area. Read on for more tips for TV Mounting (Florida) so you can find the perfect place for your TV.

Calculate proper spacing 

TV’s that aren’t mounted at the correct level can cause neck and eye strain. You can calculate eye level by measuring up 4 feet from the base of the wall. Then, take the diagonal width of the TV screen and multiply by 3. This number tells you how far away the TV should be for optimal viewing.

Incorporate the TV into your decor. 

You can mount your TV virtually anywhere, so why not get creative? Build shelving around the TV, mount it between bookcases, surround it with art and photography. Don’t let your mounted television stand out on a stark wall. Transform it into a piece of decor, instead.

Avoid the mantel 

Many homeowners look to the mantel as a TV mounting solution. Unfortunately, this space is often way too high up for TV mounting. To avoid craning your neck, opt for another place to mount. Place the TV on an adjacent wall or opposite of another focal point in the room. If you do decide on the mantel, choose a wall mounting flatscreen option.

Mount TV near a power source

There’s nothing worse than cluttering your space with extra cords. You can avoid the extra work of hiding extension cords by placing your TV near a power source. This allows you to easily plug in your TV, consoles, and more so everything is organized in one place. 

Mount your TV to be a Focal Point

Your TV should be a focal point in the room, especially if it’s a big part of your daily routine. Mount your TV in the center of your seating area so everyone in the room has a view. 

Mount it for multiple spaces 

Adjustable mounts make it easy to maneuver the TV however you want. This is especially helpful for open floor plans, as it provides multiple mounting angles. You can see the screen whether you’re prepping food in the kitchen or hanging in the living room. Fully adjustable mounting options are sure to give you the best view in any room.

Get even more tips for TV mounting in Florida with Axis Satellite. With TV mounting options for every room and design, we can help you transform your space. A professionally mounted TV is sure to take your home to the next level. Contact us for the best TV mounting solutions.