Residential Home Theater

At Axis Satellite, we love delivering quality entertainment from DIRECTV and DISH Network. What we enjoy even more is bringing this entertainment to life in your home. Creating the best home theaters, man caves, or outdoor audio systems are just a few of the ways we can transform your television and sound system into a truly amazing entertainment experience right in your home.

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Home Theater

A personalized home theater is a great addition to any home. From a mounted television with integrated audio to custom cabinetry and a projector, Axis Satellite can design a theater system for you. We provide a FREE site survey to assess your property and understand your vision. This personal attention means you get a custom home-theater system, not a standard out-of-the-box solution.

Axis Satellite carries top-grade equipment from industry leaders, such as Klipsch, KEF, JBL, Speco, and Protégé. Our SBCA and CEIDA-certified technicians take pride in literally bringing the theater to your home.

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Audio Video Recorders (AVR)

The beginning of any audio and video (A/V) project in the home starts with the AVR, the brains of your home-theater system. The AVR allows you to easily manage your various inputs, allowing you to enjoy what you want, where you want it, within your system. Axis Satellite has a solution for you, whether you are looking to upgrade your living room or transform your home into an entertainment hub.

The sound at the movie theater envelopes you and draws you into the scene. This is the same element Axis Satellite can deliver when creating a sound system within your home. Whether you have a dedicated movie room or are enjoying music on the porch, Axis delivers a rich, balanced sound.

Outdoor Audio

Your entertainment doesn’t have to stop at the door. Integrating sound into your outdoor space is a great way to move the party outside. With integrated zone and volume controls, you can achieve the ultimate control by dividing your property into multiple zones. While you are watching the big game in the comfort of your living room, your kids can enjoy music on the patio.

Axis Satellite carries a variety of outdoor-speaker options; one of the most popular are realistic-looking “rock” speakers. These speakers blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape, allowing you to rock-on outdoors! The same goes for adding the robust base range of a subwoofer. We carry in-ground, surface-mounted and “rock” versions of these as well.



Universal Remotes

Coupling your A/V system with a Universal Remote Control (URC) gives you the power over your custom system with the simplicity of one-touch management. Today’s URCs can handle simple tasks like switching between inputs or more complex commands such as controlling your lights, heating, cooling, and more. Axis Satellite will help you get the right equipment to fit your needs.