When you partner with Axis Satellite, you join the Axis family. Whether we provide all of your audio/video services or not, we are your one-call support team.

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Axis Satellite offers A/V service as well as realignment, repair, and other solutions caused by storms, regular wear-and-tear, and more. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is adept at identifying issues and ensuring our SPCA/CEDIA certified technicians understand your property and needs.

Unlike our competitors, Axis Satellite operates with our own, certified in-house technicians. Our technicians take the time to explain our processes and give you a comprehensive look at what you can expect from our service.

We believe that being a professional takes continuous education. Our technicians spend countless hours receiving training for the latest technology. Over the course of 13 years in business, our team has solved a variety of problems by providing thorough analysis of systems and having the foresight to identify possible future needs or problems.

We could tell you about the time our technician stayed at a business until 1:00 a.m. to get an issue solved before a grand opening, or the time we flew out to Maryland to help a business complete a project another company left in shambles, but we would rather you experience the Axis Satellite difference first-hand.

Whatever your need, Axis Satellite is here to help.

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